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Company ZOTI LTD was established in year 2004 as a business establishment for design and manufacture of fireplaces and boilers. Expanding the range of manufactured products led to the creation of the second of our company MAVER LTD. The two companies are 100 % family ownership of family Vladimir, Svetla and Dimitar Stoychev. We have at our disposal ² a well-equipped factory on area of 5000 m, with four differentiated workshops and a modern conveyor line for a polymeric dust coating of the pieces.

Two and a half decades of active creative and designer’s work have created the appearance of the contemporary product range of our commodities. As a result of the strenuous experimenting and labour of our engineers and workers-specialists were created unique models of heating appliances. The manufactured by us pellet fireplaces and boilers, which have found a wide market in the countries of the European Union, are without an analogue in the world practice. They work at low voltaic voltage of 12 V of the electronic managements, mechanics and fans and besides with exceptionally small hour consumption of electric power from 12 up to 36 W at the small and average powers and from 15 up to 60 W at the big ones. This gives opportunity of their exploitation in regions, where in consequence of their fast construction expansion there is a come-down of the electrical voltage up to 40%. The adding of a small photovoltaic in combination with an accumulator makes the system completely autonomous.

The wide range of colours of our fireplace boilers, conformed with the interior and the desire of each our customer gives us an opportunity to satisfy every taste.